November 2, 2009

It's Day Two...

of NanoWriMo mania. I started the day with anticipation of banging out a thousand words for today's goal. One thing a writer can count on is obstacles popping up throughout the day and giving one a reason to keep away from the story, after all we can always catch up later. That's not no easy. Those words that have been swarming around in my head all day, as I go about my day job, have to be typed out. Tired eyes and clumsy fingers make it difficult to transfer the words from head to keyboard. An unexpected delay today could have been a good excuse to put off the manuscript until tomorrow but a few words are better than none. So I sat down and added a few paragraphs to my story and felt good that I could add to my Nano word count today even if there were not as many words as I would have liked to have written.

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