January 13, 2012


I am exhausted so this will be a short post. The handheld game pictured on the left is the reason for my exhaustion. For years I have bought this game as a gift every time someone I know moved into a new home. Apparently, it has been awhile since I have purchased one because I was unaware that this item has been discontinued.

Horrified, I began numerous Internet searches sure that I could find one. Oh yeah, I did. A new, never been used ranges from $145.00 to $225.00. Foolish me put money into the stock market instead of scapping these up and hoarding them until a Yahtzee addict needed a fix. Used models average $55.00. Upon learning this I gently examined the last two units in my house. There was a moment I considered putting at least one up on eBay but quickly banished the thought from my head. Sadness crept over me as I realized my beloved handheld Yahtzee games may be nearing their life expectancy and therefore extinction.

I can only hope that a retro version will be issued sometime within the next 20 years and that my two will last until then. Of course by that time, my vision will be so bad that I may not be able to see the screen but I will hoard them for the next black market opportunity.

January 6, 2012

Agh! What Happened to my Waist?

Yes, the holidays are finally over and the last cookie sits on a used once a year platter. I am waiting for someone to finish the cookie but no one wants it and I don't have the heart to throw it away. Of course all the good cookies have been gobbled up and the lone remain is an oatmeal raisin goodie and only one person in the house would eat it but for some reason has decided to leave it be.

Each family member has a choice of what type of treat they want and then we try one new cookie just to have something different on the table. The cookie democracy has worked well except next year poses a problem because the newly chosen shortbread was a huge hit and everyone wants it added to the cookie list and no one wants to give up their long-standing favorites.

I know Christmas is a year away but I have been mulling over this dilemma until I stepped on the scale, wept, and then tossed the scale out with the petrified Christmas tree. So what decision did I come to? No cookies next year--well except for the lone oatmeal raisin because I am sure it will still be around.