December 10, 2009


My NOOK has finally arrived. I am still on the fence about ereaders. I like the feel of a book in my hands but I am always open to new gadgets and this week my newest arrived. I have waited patiently, prepared for the delayed launch date, which did happen but usually does with new things tech. I opened the box, not knowing what to expect since I bought the reader sight unseen, and I was surprised how well it fit in my hand. It still will never replace the smell of ink and paper and feel of the warm pages of a traditional book but I have already found a practical and functional use for it. The NOOK fits perfectly on the treadmill ledge and the pages are easy to turn. It will take some getting used to the lagging page refresh but I'm sure after using it for a bit, I won't even notice it.

The first thing I played around with was the daily updates, which is kind of cool because the feature makes it more than a reader waiting for me to turn it on. It has become one more thing that I check on a daily basis. I'm already hooked on the accessories and ordered a second cover before I even received my first.

I could go on and give an indepth review and opinion on this gadget but I want to go play with it some more.

December 5, 2009

Another Nano Down...

Oh well. Another Nano come and gone and I did not finish the required 50K words. I have started working on finishing my last 4 chapters to Pure Magick and I hope to get it polished enough to submit or at least secure an agent.

Nano was still a good experience because I discovered that I have a difficult time writing in first person. It's not that I have a difficult time with the tense but I find that I put too much of myself into the story. I do think it is a good idea to keep working on the story so I can finally purge the things that need to be flushed out of my writing.

With that said, I now have to find another purpose for my blog. Do people really want to follow the anguish being experienced by a frustrated writer?