October 25, 2011

As Time Ticks By...

For us writers, November brings us National Novel Writing Month, or as it is better known as NaNoWriMo to save a few keystrokes, or NaNo to save even more. I sit at my keyboard playing around with my blog theme, not the content theme but how unusual I can make the home page or land on a design that I like. This my friends is typical procrastination. I am beginning to believe that writer's block does not exist, an excuse I have used for years, but it is truly procrastination that keeps one from getting words on the screen. Sure I have ideas, plenty of them, maybe too many and that is the problem. So what does NaNo have to do with my blog and procrastination?

This year I am approaching NaNo in the manner it was intended for. Sit down November first and start typing away and do not stop until I have produced 50,000 words. They may not be logical or even consist of a single story but there will be words to review.

I have attempted NaNo before and never made the 50K but this year I have a master plan and that's it. I actually have a plan, a thin outline if there ever was one but one none the less. I think this is what had been lacking. Taking too long a break in between manuscripts makes it very hard to get back on track. So NaNo, I will give you the month of November to jump start this writing slump. See you at the finish line.

Is anyone else participating in Nano?