December 9, 2011

'Tis the Season

My family keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and my answer has been the same--nothing. Seriously, I do not need or want a thing. I have reached a point in my life were simplicity is key. My daughter is relentless and keeps bugging me for a clue. While I was in my neighborhood Barnes & Noble it suddenly came to me as I held open the door for someone who rushed through without so much as a nod.

Yes, I want someone to thank me when I do something nice as holding a door open so you can push in front of every customer in the store to be the first in line at the register. I quite think that we are all pressed for time. If you thank me, I promise to say, "Thank you" to you when you hold the door open for me. If you unable to hold a door open for me, at least do not swing it back because it no longer serves your purpose other than to smack me in the face.

Maybe it is age, or maybe the hectic stressful existence we are forced to live in. I hear many people complain how hard their lives are. Being third in line at a Starbucks does not seem to be a major life interruption to me. I guess I have low standards.

I do not like to write blog rants but the rudeness I have been encountering on my daily jaunts goes against how I was raised. It's a good thing my grandmother is not around to use the web as a sounding board.

I know that one cannot expect people to behave in the manner they want them to, but I refuse to buy into the negative lack of common courtesy. So I will continue to hold open a door and say "you're welcome" hoping you say "thank you." I will not cut in front of you on line to pay for an item, that I probably don't even need, because I do not think I am more important than you.

So what I want for Christmas is for people to be kinder, gentler, understanding, and patient. Trust me--someone has it worse off than you do. This may be a tall order but there is one thing I will accept from my family as a Christmas present; an enjoyable dinner prepared by all, lounging around the dining room table long after we have taken the last bite of food, and the dishes to be washed, dried, and put away because I am too cheap to buy a dishwasher.

Happy Holidays to all!


  1. So true. Simplicity keeps us focused on the true meaning of Christmas. I stay out of the stores on Black Friday for the same reasons. People will trample others and have known to kill just for "a sale." Yet the stores support this craziness, now starting even earlier on Thanksgiving Day. People go nuts over the holidays.

  2. You always have a way of saying what I, and everyone our age is thinking. Thank you Lee. This posting makes me feel like I got to Soooo looking forward to these blogs again! Thank you.

  3. @Tayna - I used to work retail and Black Friday was a miserable experience. I will never shop on that day.

    @Jan - thank you for stopping by. I will be posting weekly on Friday's.