December 16, 2011

Music in the Air

Christmas is approaching fast and my family is frantic because I refuse to tell them what I want for a gift. For some reason they do not believe that I do not want anything. The house is barely decorated. A naked tree stands in a crowded corner as lights and ornaments collect dust in the basement. It's not that I am a Scrooge but the fanfare of the holiday has lost its luster as the years go by. There is something about becoming an adult that diminished the magic of Christmas.

So this week I made a determined attempt to banish the scrooginess and give it my best to create a little magick. I vacuumed up the fallen pine needles and mentally switched gears. I lugged up the lights and tree top, all tested well except for one strand of lights so this year the tree will have to do with a little less brilliance.

As I wound the ancient strands of lights around the tree I began to hum, Celine Dion's, "The Magic of Christmas Day," thank you Dee Snider for writing such a beautiful song. I love that song (it is just slightly behind the Waitress's Christmas Wrapping, which is my all-time favorite Christmas song, even if only by seniority.) Hearing Celine's voice in my head made my heart a bit lighter and was getting me in the mood for the holiday. I checked the weather and Thursday promised to be warm enough to provide a pleasant day to hang some lights on the house.

It being too late in the night for an all out assault of decking the halls, I decided to hold off on dragging up the ornaments to save that feat for the next day. Not one to waste a moment, I decide to load my iPod with Christmas music. Thanks to numerous hard drive crashes, backups, and reinstalls, I find that I have umpteen copies of the same songs. No biggie, I choose display duplicates and discover over 2700 duplicates. I sit there staring at files and it comes to me. Yes, I do want something for Christmas after all. I want someone else to sit at my computer, go through my entire music library and delete all the duplicates--well, except for Celine and The Waitress's. Those two songs no matter how many dups there are can remain on my hard drive.

What is your favorite Christmas song?


  1. Yes, music does help the holiday mood. That's why they pump it in through the speakers in all the stores--in October. Good luck in getting someone to organize your files.

  2. I don't want to hear Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. I like each holiday to have its own place in the year.