October 28, 2010

Yet Another Distraction

First came email, then instant messaging, chat rooms, FaceBook, and now I have discovered Twitter. I have always considered myself quite adept at learning and embracing new technology, however Twitter takes some getting used too.

I sit down to work on my manuscript and it glares back at me daring to type another word. My nightly supply of white tea warms the belly of the Raku pottery owl teapot resting on my desk. Dragon's Blood candles illuminate the room as I transition to unleash my creativity and flesh out the next bestseller. This next novel  is going to be good--my best--really it is.


Um, okay the book, right back to it as soon as I check my tweets.


  1. I like Twitter, I don't really get it though. People talk to me and I don't get the message for days. It's cool to see what everybody is doing though.

  2. I find Twitter to be a forum where people say something and nobody replies. At least I check my blog twice a year and respond.