February 21, 2010


I didn't realize that I haven't been on  my blog since December 10, 2009. I knew it had been a while but I didn't think it was that long. I left off at the Nook. My opinion? It's okay, I mean it does what it's supposed to do I can download books in mere seconds, I can't get the contrast as crisp as I would like it but that can be my aging eyes. I have downloaded a few books which are free because the copyright has expired and apparently, people had similar opinions 100 years ago. I still cannot wholeheartedly embrace the technology, I like books. I like the feel, the smell, and the warmth that the page emits against my hands. The Nook is still a keeper, and not only because the return period has expired, but because I love gadgets and this is a pretty cool one. I will probably use it for short reads and x-rated material that my local bookstore doesn't carry.

That statement brings me to what I've been doing lately. I recently joined not one but two writing groups (because I'm not busy enough) and I am impressed by the welcoming and openness of the professional writers. It's a nice place to be at this stage of my writing path. What does this statement have to do with an e-reader? A lot of the writers in my group write material that is readily available in digital format AND erotic enough to warrant private downloads. LOL

I have finished revising my first book and hope that it is polished enough for an agent or editor to read through it at least once without wanting to throw it out or use it for fire starter. That magic moment comes on March 13th.

I am currently working on a different type of story, in between revising my second book. It would be great if I could sell the trilogy but I thought it might be good to have another genre in the making if the first one doesn't fly. So I am off to work on that while my husband keeps the hot tea flowing.

P.S. WHEN is Blogger going to have spell check available? Sheessh, it's 2010.

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