November 29, 2009

Let the Holidays Begin

Even though I have been bombarded with Christmas music and store decorations since Columbus day, I refuse to engage in the excitement until Thanksgiving has had its day. When I was young, Christmas decorations were never lit until the day after Thanksgiving. I like it that way. Each holiday is entitled to its own celebration and I will not let Christmas overshadow my Halloween.

It is three days past Thanksgiving and I no longer change the radio station when a Christmas song begins to play. Wrapped presents are now welcome in my home and will have to wait until December 25th to be opened.

On a drive home today I began to think about the each winter holiday in its own scenario. My husband broke my train of thought with, "I miss the smell of turkey cooking in our house." For the past few years I have not cooked Thanksgiving dinner and though the lack of prep work and clean-up was an enjoyable experience, I knew what he meant. I also missed the smell of turkey baking and the traditions that I had grown up with and brought to my own family.

Thinking of turkey brought me to an idea. If Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November then there is no reason why the fourth Saturday in January couldn't be "Free Turkey Day" (the actual holiday name is still in the works.) By setting aside a special day for the free turkey I earned from ShopRite, I could still have our family holiday and fill my house with the smell of tradition. I just hope we don't have a major snowstorm.

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