November 19, 2009

Is A Writing Group Necessary For Your Success?

In a word, No! Tonight I attended a writing group that was new to me. I expected the standard "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." That did not happen. What I walked into was a nice and accepting group of writers who were years into a project that I had no place in. That's not to say that I could not have joined in and found a way to fit in but it felt like I was the new kid in school and didn't know where to sit at lunch time.

I had many ideas for their project but felt that I was not entitled to offer my opinions. It wasn't that the group made me feel that way but the manners that my grandmother had instilled in me took control.

My point is: I have attended many writers groups with different formats and motives and have yet to find a group that will help me get my writing onto an editor's desk. And that may be the very problem with most groups, or the expectations of a writing group, I think the idea is good but somehow the process does not seem to hold steam. Maybe it's because writing is such a solitary process and only that individual thinks that what they are writing is the best collection of words to ever hit paper.

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