November 12, 2009

The Truth Be Told

I began my Nano story without an outline or any thought as to what I would write about. I thought that I would just let the words flow and see what took shape. Since this is my first full length work written in first person and the direction of the story seems to be pulling me into the piece as the main character, I am uncovering a lot of things that I had forgotten about.

I doubt this story will ever be presented for public review but I am finding this to be a good exercise to purging some internal blocks that may have kept me from digging deeper into my characters in my other works.

I may not complete the 50K word goal but I will keep dumping and clearing through the clutter that has been in the way.

And I only thought that my house needed a good cleaning. :)

P.S. Why doesn't blogger have a spell check function?

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